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1st Floor, Fashion Section, Downtown Burj, Dubai
Phone : +97 14 339 9696


Ground Floor, Jumeirah Beach Road, Dubai
Phone : +97 14 344 7270


1st Floor, New Extension, Abu Dhabi, Dubai
Phone : +97 12 681 8650


102 Beach Rd, Jumeira1
Phone : +97 14 385 4555


place du manoir ch+1223 Cologny, Genève
Phone : +41 (0)79 766 97 85


Nathalie Bozzo, 14 route de Choulex, 1253 Vandoeuvres
Phone : +41 (0)79 963 67 14


Inès Jewelry was founded in 2010 by sisters Caroline and Nathalie. Thick as thieves throughout their lives, yet complementary in their skill-sets, they decided to put their passion to work and launch a new brand of jewelry. Inès Jewelry designs stand-out due to their contemporary, fresh and delicate designs. Each gem has been chosen very carefully and the creations strike a fine balance between modernity which dazzling colors and the more classic diamonds and gold.

Nathalie : « Since my childhood I have been fascinated by the color, shine, rarity and mysterious charm of gems. I was lucky enough to be able to pursue my dream and spend time in numerous cities around the world studying and learning about the very stones which were such a source of captivation to me. To me, Inès Jewelry is a dream come true; an opportunity to do what I love with the person who is closest to me ».

Caroline : « I have always enjoyed experimenting with fashion : always following and anticipating the latest trends. But I am far from being the gifted and dedicated artist my younger sister is. We work together in perfect harmony as only two sisters can ».

Nathalie has a diploma in drawing from the Gemmological Institute in New-York (GIA), a diploma in Gemmology from the National Institute of Gemmology in Paris (ING) and a certificate in Diamond graduation from the Gemmology Association of Australia (GAA). She currently lives and creates in Geneva. Caroline has a Degree in Business Administration from EDC in Paris. She lives in Dubai with her family.


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